Manitoba Human Rights Adjudication Panel Orders Government to Pay out $50,000 in Damages for Failing to Validate Imaginary Genders

By April Halley 1 comment

A ruling on November 4th from the Manitoba Human Rights Adjudication Panel has awarded $50,000 in damages to a complainant who had accused that province’s Vital Statistics Agency of discrimination on the basis of gender identity because they were refused an option of a non binary sex designation on their birth certificate. Due to a […]


By April Halley No comments

I have decided to start making podcasts. This meager effort is merely a rant about the strange censorship that CBC radio engaged in when they recently dedicated an episode of Cross Country Check Up to cancel culture. But soon I will record more substantial material disseminating what I have learned about gender policies. I hope […]

Form Letter for Candidates Re: Commercial Surrogacy

By April Halley 1 comment

Cassandra Birch has written this important letter challenging the current political push in Canada towards commodifying women’s bodies through commercial surrogacy. Consider sending this letter to the candidates in your area. Dear [candidate]: I am writing to you about an issue that I have not heard addressed in this election campaign (nor in Canadian political […]

The Correctional Service of Canada is Engaging in a Misogynist Social Experiment

By April Halley 14 comments

On December 29, 2016 The CBC reported that according to a rep for Minister Ralph Goodale the policy for transgender inmates in federal corrections was going to change in respect to sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) and accommodation. On January 9, 2017 The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) released a revised policy on transgender inmates. It […]

Form Letter for Candidates in the Upcoming Canadian Federal Election

By April Halley 4 comments

Subject Line: C16 and Women’s Sex Based Rights Dear Fellow Canadians who support women’s sex based rights, I am sending the email below to the Federal candidates in my riding and want to share it with you. Please feel free to use as is or modify as you see fit. You can find the contact information for […]

Form Letter for Statistics Canada

By April Halley 2 comments

This is a great form letter. It was created by a Canadian woman who gave me permission to post it here. For anyone who may be unaware, Statistics Canada has replaced the variable of sex with the variable of self declared gender (meaning gender identity) in the recording of crime. Police departments across Canada are […]

Statistics Canada Should be Declared Legally Incompetent

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They need to go away for a while and have a rest . As of January 2019 police in Canada no longer record the sex of criminals. They now record the self declared gender of both offenders and victims. There are 3 options: female, male,or gender diverse. You may flip flop back and forth between […]

Statistics Canada is No Longer Recording the Sex of Criminals and They Have Not Bothered to Inform the Public

By April Halley 16 comments

I have encountered some confusion from people when discussing Statistics Canada’s recent decision to compel police departments across Canada to record the self declared gender identity of criminals in place of their sex. I suspect that the confusion stems from the fact that the Statistics Canada website does not outline this change. The site makes […]

The Ontario Provincial Police are Recording Male Crime as Female Crime

By April Halley 9 comments

I just received the response pictured below from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). As of January 2019 crime in Canada is no longer recorded by sex but by self declaration of gender identity. I have written about this previously and astoundingly I believe I am the only person to have written about it despite the […]

The CBC are as Corrupt as Crime Statistics in Canada

By April Halley 3 comments

Crime Statistics in Canada are no Longer Recorded by Sex but by Gender Identity *Update the CBC have finally reported on the discrimination case at BCHT. They have failed to mention the allegations of sexual abuse that this man is facing. Right now there is a man , who many allege is a pedophile, using […]

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