Welcome to the Upside Down

Transgenderism, the belief that an incongruity in your biological sex and the sex you feel you truly are is a medical condition, has seemingly overnight gone from a fringe issue, painted as one of tolerance for a small vulnerable group, to a bizarre and perverted Orwellian nightmare.

Now we no longer merely have to accept that people can be born in the ‘wrong body’ we must change our everyday language or face accusations that we are hate criminals. Women are being robbed of the meaningful descriptors pertaining to our biology. We are being robbed of the very name “woman”. We are now labeled with names like menstrator, bleeder, non-man, and cis-gendered. It is incredibly strange and completely incoherent. It is also much more serious of an issue than most people are gauging it to be.

The Government of Canada, under the helm of Justin Trudeau, is on a mission to destroy safeguarding and corrupt statistics and the media in this country do not care. The Government’s Gender Based Analysis (GBA+) initiative is one of the most misogynist things to ever occur in the history of this country. Among other insanities they are pushing the idea that it is ‘gender’. and not sex, that results in an imbalance of power and resources in society.

This is just an introductory post and I will go into much greater detail soon. I am particularly focused on the attacks on spaces for marginalized women. Prisons in particular are a serious concern and should be front page news. Women have been assaulted in prison because violent male sex offenders were allowed to transfer into female facilities. That is completely insane.

Women in shelters and trauma programs are also being deprived of the necessary female only spaces that are vital to their recovery. Most women who require drug treatment shelters or trauma support groups have been victimized by male violence and it is unconscionable to rob them of their meager resources.

While this aspect of this total madness is my most pressing concern I am also interested in other areas, especially the medical interventions being foisted on children. If there is anything that you think I should know more about feel free to send me an email or a DM on Twitter.

Everything about this phony movement is cynical.

  • They have co-opted language used to describe people with Intersex conditions such as “assigned sex at birth”. Intersex advocates have fought for years to stop the unnecessary surgeries often performed on Intersex children. Now the transgender movement is misusing this term to promote the idea that it is sane to ‘transition’ children. This ‘transition’ includes radical interventions that interrupt normal development. This movement also frequently conflates gender identity with Intersex conditions in a bid to appear more legitimate, this is indecent and cruel.
  • Opposing gender dogma is met with accusations that to do so is to support “conversion therapy”. The truth is that most children labeled as gender nonconforming will grow up to be homosexual. They should not have their healthy development interrupted. They should not be told that they have been born in the ‘wrong body’. It is transgenderism that is the real conversion therapy.
  • Gender Studies came out of Women’s Studies and proceeded to bizarrely consume it. It’s nonsensical theories have been used to spread the misogynist notion that being a woman means identifying with stereotypes and therefore “woman” is a costume and an identity that a man can claim. In gender identity garble there is no real identifier for the half of humanity that endures sex based oppression. It has also been used to justify the dismantling of women’s resources on university campuses. Women’s centre’s are now centre’s for ‘marginalized genders’ where men who ‘perform’ their male fantasy of womanhood are constantly centred while young lesbians are asked when they are going to ‘transition’ to males. This is quite the clusterfuck.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Upside Down”

  1. I love how women are so upset at losing their privileges to a group with a very high suicide rate.

    Claiming oppression points from actually persecuted people, lol. An uphill battle indeed.

    1. The fact that men with a mental illness have a high suicide rate is sad but not at all surprising. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the right of females to single sex spaces.

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