The Ontario Provincial Police are Recording Male Crime as Female Crime

I just received the response pictured below from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). As of January 2019 crime in Canada is no longer recorded by sex but by self declaration of gender identity. I have written about this previously and astoundingly I believe I am the only person to have written about it despite the fact that many journalists are aware of this. This is incredibly serious and has been foisted on police departments by Statistics Canada. No announcement has been made and the government website does not reflect this change.

I emailed police departments across the country in an attempt to learn whether or not they had already implemented this change. It is clear that they are all in lock step with the Canadian Association of Cheifs of Police (CACP) and have agreed to erase sex from crime statistics. Statistics Canada has collaborated with the CACP to implement this bizarre change.

I want to elaborate on why this change is incoherent and an act of profound contempt for women and girls but for now I will just share the email I sent in response to OPP’s letter. If you would like to send Mr. Eamer your thoughts you can reach him at:

Mr. Eamer,
Thank you for your response. These changes are unacceptable and you will amend any mistakes that have been made as a result of its implementation.
It’s pertinent for you to understand that this destroys the integrity of crime statistics. Police data is used to create the Uniform Crime Reporting Survey which is a vital tool for researchers. This misogynist change has rendered this data useless.
Anyone who does not understand why recording male perpetrated crime as female perpetrated crime is erroneous and vile has no place in either government or law enforcement.
It’s clear to me now why the head of Statistics Canada resigned a few years ago as a protest against government interference. This completely incoherent change has happened surreptitiously without the input or knowledge of Canadians. Such behavior is totally unacceptable in a democracy.
I can assure that women across the country are working to expose this  corruption and everyone who has crafted and facilitated it will be held accountable.
April Halley 

9 thoughts on “The Ontario Provincial Police are Recording Male Crime as Female Crime”

  1. This is what we feminists saw coming all along with self identity and why I’ve been fighting against it for 3 years now.
    I’ve written many emails to various politicians and have yet to receive a reply that wasn’t just political salad speak.

    1. It’s great that you have written them, keep at it. They have falsely assumed that women will just keep quiet and take this. We will not.

  2. This letter needs to be distributed across ontario via community boards, mail outs. Thanks, will write to him. Is Feminist Current touching this?

    1. Yes, definitely. That is great! This is now the policy of police departments across Canada. It went into effect in January 2019. I am working on something for Feminist Current that I hope will be out soon.

      I am finding that people are having difficultly grasping that sex is no longer recorded. I think this is because they check the gov website which makes it appear that both ‘sex at birth’ and ‘gender’ are being recorded. Stats Can has hundreds of surveys and some will be recording both variables but crime is only being recorded by gender. I posted screenshots of emails I received from Stats Can and I hope that clears it up.

      1. Okay, so…they are only doing this for crime. Meaning, they are recording both women and trans identifying males as female. Interesting that they are covering up male-pattern violence. I find it very difficult to believe that our government doesn’t recognize male violence as a root issue behind crime. I am glad you are submitting this to feminist current, it has to get out. Should the letter be sent to a media source in Canada that isn’t neoliberal? I don’t even know which sites that would be? CP24? The frigging Sun? These are Toronto based. April, do you know if a lot of women are writing to the email address you provided?

        Also, I have searched for public access to stats for homicides with sex of offender and cannot find any. I started to collect on my own to try and have a record of male versus female perpetrated homicides. I would track other types of violent crime, but, we have zero access to these stats by sex of offender. So I don’t even know how we can look at what Stats Canada is collecting? I will email them to ask where this information is kept and how the public can access it. I believe we’d have to purchase the report, which, really, not right.

        Here, this is Toronto home made stats. I’ll keep it up. Maybe other women should be doing this too, so that we can have actual data to look at that isn’t falsified and in violation of our rights as citizens to know the actual truth about crime data. Females are not the ones out there killing men and women to gain power and turf…females are not the ones raping and murdering their domestic partners out of jealously. These are male patterns! This has to be resisted. Canadian women need to step up to the plate now.

        1. The new Stats Can variables ‘sex at birth’ and ‘gender’ will be used in all of their surveys. They have over 350 surveys. Some surveys will record both ‘sex at birth’ and ‘gender’ and some surveys will only record one variable. Insanely when it comes to crime they will only record ‘gender’ and you also have the option of declaring that you are both or neither male/female.

          Unfortunately I doubt whether anyone has emailed them, getting people to care about this has been surprisingly difficult ( I am grateful that you do!)

          Yes, that is something I realized as well when I looked for stats. It is a lie of omission that we are so accustomed to that we simply fail to see. We all know who commits most assaults but where is the data? Even when I have come across expansive data, looking at many variables, sex of perpetrator is normally omitted. This has to change.

          It is astounding how anyone can fail to understand why this is a massive mistake. But people really are (I believe in often unbeknownst to themselves) betraying how misogynist they are. I had someone in Manitoba corrections tell me that I should not make assumptions regarding behaviour based on sex. That is ridiculous. Men’s and women’s prisons have very differently levels of security and women’s prisons often have children in them.

          On a brighter note because this is all completely incoherent it will fall apart upon scrutiny. It has run riot because people are too indifferent/afraid to ask questions and challenge it. But those days are over!

  3. I really do hope those days are over. I have been speaking to people about this face to face at any opportunity I get. I showed the definition of female to somebody and she thought it was accurate. I had to point out the expression piece. People don’t know what’s going on with gender expression, and they’re easily deceived. Anyway, thanks for all of your digging. I will do the best I can to spread the word and try to generate more protest.

    1. That is great Frances, keep at it! People are sharing a lot on social media, and while that can certainly be useful, what will have the most impact is doing what you are doing.

      I can’t understand how anyone can look at that and think it is accurate but that is very common. I think it illustrates confirmation bias, we believe that the gov is trustworthy and interpret this crap in a way that conforms with that belief.

      The entire issue is infuriating from top to bottom and we are paying for it. They have material in schools that tells girls that boys have a right to use their bathrooms and compete in their sports and this was funded by a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.

      None of these assertions hold up to scrutiny but they are not having to because people are too afraid to talk about them. It is great that you are doing it!!

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