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I have decided to start making podcasts. This meager effort is merely a rant about the strange censorship that CBC radio engaged in when they recently dedicated an episode of Cross Country Check Up to cancel culture. But soon I will record more substantial material disseminating what I have learned about gender policies. I hope this will make the information more accessible.

In respect to Cross Country Check Up the choice of topic for the radio program was instigated by the hostile response, and calls for censorship, that feminist writer Meghan Murphy received when she spoke at the Toronto Public Library about the ramifications of gender identity policies on women and girls.

The CBC asked callers trying to get on air how they identified their gender. It appears that they screened out the many women who called in to support and explain Meghan’s position. This is highly unethical and pointless. Why try and talk about a subject when you are going to totally ignore the core argument?

I should have mentioned in my short ramble that the host of this show did not challenge the slander being liberally thrown at Murphy. One man called her a white supremacist. This is stupidity on parade.

The Canadian women’s group We the Females has created a short video on the protest that was held outside the library. If you do not see the problem here you have taken leave of your senses.

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