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I suspect that the majority of my posts will pertain to the misogyny and medical abuse that is being normalized by the Government of Canada via ‘gender’ policies.

My research (published in Quillette) has revealed that almost all of the male offenders who have transferred from men’s to women’s federal prisons in Canada are violent offenders. Most prisons in Canada have a policy in place known as self ID. This means that an offender can declare what sex they are and their preference determines if they are housed in a men’s or women’s correctional facility.

The danger this poses to female inmates, and staff who must now perform strip searches on men, is clear to any thinking person.

The myopia and bias of the Canadian media has been enhanced by the influence of online outrage mob culture and the precarious nature of modern publishing. This has resulted in a near country wide media blackout in regards to anything approaching reality in respect to this issue.