The Correctional Service of Canada is Engaging in a Misogynistic Social Experiment

On December 29, 2016

The CBC reported that according to a rep for Minister Ralph Goodale the policy for transgender inmates in federal corrections was going to change in respect to sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) and accommodation.

On January 9, 2017

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) released a revised policy on transgender inmates. It made SRS easier to obtain but it did not allow fully intact men the ability to declare they are women and be accommodated in women’s prisons. Such a policy is often called “self ID”.

On January 12, 2017

Prime Minister Trudeau attended a town hall in Kingston, Ontario where he was asked a question by an audience member about transgender prisoners. The PM said that “yes” he would address it despite never having “thought” of it before.

The next day the CBC reported that Corrections had flip flopped on its accommodation policy. Meaning they would now have self ID and any man can simply say he is a women and apply for admission to a women’s prison.

7 out of the 8 men who moved from a men’s to a women’s federal prison from June 1, 2016 to December 3, 2018 are violent offenders. I obtained this information through the an info request. CSC initially denied my request citing “no records”. I appealed this and it was determined that they failed to follow the Access to Information Act.

It is bad enough that the PM is clearly caught in a lie here (how can he not know about a major policy that his gov has already announced) but the way they swooped in and foisted this on Corrections is obscene.

Prisons are serious business. They are often volatile places for both inmates and staff. It is obvious that a seismic shift was forced on the Correctional Service of Canada and little, if any, thought was given to how this would impact female inmates. Female guards are now being forced to search male prisoners. This is state perpetrated violence against women.

The justification for this madness is Bill C-16. Bill C-16 added gender identity and expression as prohibited means of discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Act. It also amended the Criminal Code to, ironically, label this undefinable entirely bogus concept of gender identity as an identifiable group.

Bill C-16 is nothing more than a Trojan Horse designed to strip women and girls of our fundamental rights.

They won’t be stopping at prisons. If left unfettered there will be no such thing as a single sex space. Single sex spaces protect females from male violence. The lobby pushing this is well aware of that. They don’t care. What does that tell you about their moral worth?

There are thousands of important stories in the shadows of the manufactured gender trend but Canadian journalists are too indifferent to hear them.