Even Female Animals Have A Name

A female horse is a mare. A female sheep is called a ewe. But the female human has suddenly become an undefinable essence steeped in adherence to the patronizing sex based stereotypes that women so successfully challenged in the 20th century.

Under the ruse of inclusivity, in respect people who label themselves transgender, there are organizations, companies, and news outlets promoting dehumanizing language to describe women and our bodies. Women are, with an increasing regularity, being referred to as: bleeders, menstrators, uterus havers, womxn, cisgendered, and non-men.

The image above comes courtesy of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). The HRC claims to be motivated by gay rights but they promote a gender identity dogma that degrades women and denies both opposite and same-sex attracted people the right to their sexual orientation.

I am compiling images of this strange linguistic erasure. Anyone who would like to contribute can contact me via email (aprilhalley709@gmail.com).