The CBC are as Corrupt as Crime Statistics in Canada

Crime Statistics in Canada are no Longer Recorded by Sex but by Gender Identity

*Update the CBC have finally reported on the discrimination case at BCHT. They have failed to mention the allegations of sexual abuse that this man is facing.

Right now there is a man , who many allege is a pedophile, using the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal to accuse female aestheticians of discrimination on the basis of gender identity because they refused to wax his genitals. He has accused 16 women in total. The CBC has not covered this story whatsoever despite the fact that it has the potential to set a precedent legally compelling women to accept sexual harassment in the workplace.

Many Canadians rely on and trust the CBC and this is why we are possibly the most ignorant people in the free world. The CBC is failing to report on the frightening ramifications of gender identity policy for women and girls occurring in this country and elsewhere. I did not learn about this mess from the media. I learned about it from brave British women on Twitter. Women who have organized to fight the encroachment of gender identity policy on their human rights and who continue to speak out despite threat of arrest for merely uttering biological facts.

The CBC wrote about the transfer of a fully intact male into a women’s federal prison as if he was Nelson Mandela being freed from Robben Island. They have failed to cover the harassment and assaults that have occurred in women’s correctional facilities as a result of the admission of serial pedophile Matthew Harks.

I have spoken to a few Canadians who are aware of this strange problem and they seem to think it is a case of virtue signalling gone off the rails. I do not agree. I will give the people at the helm of the CBC more credit than that, I do not believe they are that dense. This is no absurd error. They know exactly what they are doing.

This brings me, finally, to my main point. As of January 2019 crime statistics in Canada are no longer recorded by sex but by gender identity.

I learned of this Orwellian alteration to crime data by emailing Statistics Canada (SC). I decided to do this after a friend shared correspondence between herself and SC that I found unprofessional, mind-boggling, and inconsistent. Where SC used to record the boring old reality based variable of sex they will now be recording both sex assigned at birth and gender identity.

Statistics Canada has over 350 surveys including the vital Universal Crime Reporting (UCR) Survey which records the incidence and characteristics of crime. SC stated that seeing as the UCR was extracted from police systems it would likely record only one variable. Being a naive Canadian I did a silly thing and I assumed that the variable being recorded would remain sex. Even after reading the convoluted emails that were shared with me I was not prepared for the dogmatic reply I would myself receive from SC.

I followed up with SC because they had stated that people filling out surveys which still have a binary concept of gender “should report the sex with which they most identify” and this I found clearly muddled. Obviously, allowing people to choose which sex they are in a survey defeats the purpose of recording sex. The email also stated that there was no “framework” for the “full transition” of surveys but that some would record the sex and gender variable and some would record just one of those variables.

On the surface this may not sound like much. Gender identity is a nebulous concept the recording of which is of no statistical value whatsoever (unless you are studying cults) and the malevolence inherent to indulging this is not readily apparent. That is until you realize that the purpose of this change is not to obtain data on a imaginary marginalized group but to erase the reality of sex from statistics.

This is particularly incensing when it comes to crime. The overwhelming majority of violent crime is perpetrated by males. It is no secret that women and girls are extremely vulnerable to suffering abuse from violent men. This is why we have safeguards like single sex bathrooms (which are now under attack). The Government of Canada is destroying our ability to have accurate data on male violence against females and women’s groups are either silent or spearheading the destruction.

This is an excruciating betrayal of females from the past, present, and the future. In addition to the blatant health and safety issues that will arise if we continue to deny that sex is immutable, no girl should grow up in a world where she is taught in school that womanhood is a costume or an identity that a man can claim.

I emailed SC asking them how they are classifying the crimes of men who claim they are women. They told me they would have to contact the Crime and Justice Statistics Division. 10 days later I received an extraordinarily absurd response that was, at least, also thorough.

My previously stated assumption that the sex of criminals would still be recorded was, of course, wrong and sex has been relegated by Statistics Canada to the history bin in favor of the new science of genderbread people.

I do not believe this has been reported by any news agency in Canada. I do not believe the Government has made any attempt to alert the public to this seismic change.

I asked SC if any announcement had been made and all they sent me were links to their announcement in April 2018 that they would be creating new definitions for the variables sex and gender.

They cited Bill C-16 as the reason for this change. It was instigated by an “exercise” Statistics Canada began following the 2016 census. This change was recommended by the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics (CCJS) to the Police Information and Statistics (POLIS) Committee. It was then endorsed by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Board of Directors in November 2018. The swapping of the variable sex for gender identity in the UCR went into effect in January 2019.

Your gender identity is whatever you say it is according to the Government of Canada. You can be a woman on Monday and a man on Tuesday. You can also choose to be recorded as both male and female or neither male nor female.

I told SC that this change rendered their data set unreliable and I was told that given the “small percentage of transgender individuals” this was not expected to “impact analysis”. That is simply untrue. For instance, the number of violent female offenders is so low that even the addition of a few males would skew data. Regardless of that it is not rational to intentionally add incorrect information to statistics.

Importantly there is no way to know how many male criminals will try and take advantage of this for a plethora of reasons. In the UK right now 1 in 50 male prisoners are claiming to be women.

In Canada a father convicted of molesting his daughter can suddenly declare he is a women and be granted his request to spend his paltry sentence in a women’s prison (this horrific topic will be explored in my next post). Such crime will not be counted among the statistics of male violence against females instead it will perversely distort the figures around female perpetrated crimes.

The new definitions for gender in the UCR are as follows:

Female: Persons who publicly expresses as female in their daily life, including at work, while shopping or accessing other services, in their housing environment or in the broader community.

Male: Persons who publicly expresses as male in their daily life, including at work, while shopping or accessing other services, in their housing environment or in the broader community.

Gender Diverse: Persons who publicly expresses as neither exclusively male nor exclusively female. It includes persons who are unsure of their gender, persons who express themselves as both male and female or neither male nor female, including at work, while shopping or accessing other services, in their housing environment or in the broader community.

The sheer lunacy of this shift is, I am confident, clear to all thinking people so I have nothing more to add other than something is rotten in the state of Denmark.